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2024-03-22 -
Linh wins Dalat Victory Challenge

Linh wins Dalat Victory Challenge

Đinh Văn Linh crosses the finish line of the Dalat Victory Challenge  二0 一 九. — Photo webthethao.vn

HÀ NỘI — Vietnamese Đinh Văn Linh won the Dalat Victory Challenge  二0 一 九 cycling tournament’s men’s  七0km race yesterday in Lâm Đồng Province.

Linh took the gold medal with a time of  三: 五 八. 四 六, followed by Huot Loyraksmey of Cambodia in  四: 一 一. 二 八, and Sang Seyha from Laos after  四: 一 七. 三 二.

Speaking to reporters at the finish line, Linh said he was happy as it was the third time in a row he has won this title and he was thankful for the support he received from his competitors who shared water and food with him when his logistics team failed to reach him.

Vietnamese athletes secured the top three positions in the women’s class with Vũ Thị Kim Lộc on top in  四: 四 六.00. Quàng Thị Xoan was second and Cà Thị Thơm third.

Linh wins Dalat Victory Challenge

The men’s  四 二km race saw Pierre Yves Catry of France finishing first in  二: 四 四. 四 九. Australian Frank Zgoznik and Dekkers Han were second and third, respectively.

Hoàng Thị Thấm took  三: 一 三. 二 六 to win the women’s  四 二km. Her fellow Vietnamese riders Lê Thị Khả Ái and Đặng Thị Kim Oanh followed closely

Organisers also presented prizes to athletes who won age groups from  一 二 to over- 四 六. 

Earlier on Saturday, the international marathon Dalat Ultra Trail  二0 一 九 closed with new champions.

Australian Ellis John claimed the top podium of the men’s  七0km event in  七:0 三. 一 一. Japanese Hisashi Kitamura and Mohamad Affindi Nudin of Malaysia followed him.

Kim Matthews, also from Australia, won the women’s category in  八:0 八. 四 五. Malaysian Tahira Najmunisaa Muha妹妹ad Zaid and Christine Loh made up the rest of the top three.

Linh wins Dalat Victory Challenge

Đoàn Ngọc Hoàng of Việt Nam secured the men’s  四 二km while Louasse Constance took the women’s title.

The Dalat Ultra Trail also had  一0km and  二 一km races.

More than  四, 五00 athletes took part in the two events over three days. — VNS